5 Simple Acts of Self-Care

Woman sipping tea

The Laundry Can Wait

The pressures of parenthood, relationships, or work can make some days much more stressful than others. These stressors can make you impatient or easily frustrated. Some days you might feel overwhelmed or like simply checking out. If you pay attention, you’ll notice the effect this stress has on your parenting.

Me Time is the daily time you set aside to care for yourself. We’ve provided five easy ways to regulate your stress levels. These practices will help improve your mood, allowing you to enjoy your parenting journey.

Your Health Matters

Harvard University’s Center on the Developing Child has spent years studying the interactions between parents and children, and how those interactions impact a child’s future.

During a child’s first three years, everyday experiences he or she has—conversations during diapering, playing together on the floor, reading books at bedtime, etc.—have a powerful and lasting influence on the way the child views the world, relates to others, and succeeds as a learner.

In other words, you and your relationship with your child are what matter most.

It’s OK to Take a Break

No matter what’s going on in your life, don’t be afraid to spend a moment of self-reflection. You have the power to build healthy responses and reactions to stress. By managing your stress, you can provide a safe, loving environment for your baby.

Not only are you making positive parenting easier, you also are showing your little one how to cope when problems arise in his or her own life.

5 Easy Ways to Get Some Me Time

  1. Take a walk. A short walk around the block can have a huge impact on your mood. The change of scenery, fresh air, and exercise are all helpful in lowering anxiety and regulating mood.
  2. Meet a friend for coffee. Though your social circle may change after parenthood, it is important to keep connections with close friends and family. Seek out people who are supportive and good listeners.
  3. Read a book. Books are a great way to spend a few quiet moments to yourself. Whether it’s a new thriller or an old favorite, relaxing with the written word can give you that brief break from reality you may need (Yes, audiobooks count, too!).
  4. Watch a movie. At the end of a long day, it’s totally OK to zone out. Watching a favorite movie together is also a great way to stay connected with your partner.
  5. Listen to music you enjoy. We know Raffi is fabulous, but don’t hesitate to choose your favorites now and then. Music’s positive effects on mood are well documented. Whether it’s hip-hop or pop-rock, the music that makes you happy will make Baby happy, too.

Remember, Self-Care Isn’t Selfish

We can’t say it enough: You and your health really matter. As you focus on your little one’s every need, it’s important to pause and consider how you are feeling.

Finding even just a few minutes a day to get your zen back will greatly benefit both you and your child.