The Importance of Daily Routines for Kids

My morning routine is what sets me up for a successful day. I wake up, make coffee, and read a couple of pages of my latest book. I take comfort in my peaceful morning start and it leaves me feeling prepared to take on anything.

Routines give children a similar sense of comfort and security. Routines give children an opportunity to know what’s coming and take comfort in its arrival. Having a daily routine is necessary for positive development in children. ParentPal provides resources that allow parents to establish and stick with healthy routines for their little ones. 

Although routines can look similar from one child to the next, it’s important to recognize that every child is unique. Infants and toddlers are growing rapidly, and routines should cater to the specific needs and abilities of each child to optimize learning opportunities.

However, certain activities, like hand washing and a consistent bedtime, should be ever-present. When developing routines, take into consideration your family’s and your child’s specific needs, interests and abilities. Here’s an example of what a healthy routine might look like for your family: 



As children grow older, your daily routines should adapt accordingly. Specific activities and chores, such as homework, soccer practice, making beds, and dressing themselves, can be added along the way. As your child grows, it may be useful to create a family chore chart.

Be sure to include hygiene and health into daily routines. Children should be continuously washing hands throughout the day. Their snacks and meal times should also reflect healthy eating habits. Check out our blog posts on why hygiene matters and healthy eating habits. 

Make children feel more secure and confident in themselves by providing them with predictable activities. Create a routine that’s best for you with our downloadable Daily Routines List.

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