The Importance of Music in Child Development

“Where words fail, music speaks.” – Hans Christian Andersen

From birth, infants are receptive to sounds and music, and instinctively respond through both physical and emotional expressions. Music can quiet and soothe. It can bring joy and energy. It improves social and motor skills. Music even sets the stage for learning language and mathematics.

Immersing your little one in a daily “bath” of music is one of the greatest gifts you can give them. The benefits of early exposure to music—better emotional development, higher academic performance, improved memory and enhanced creativity (when it’s happy music )—are well documented.

Music stimulates children to use words, manipulate tools, and solve problems in ways that convey meaning and are engaging. Each song sung, musical instrument played, and piece of music appreciated provides insights into a child’s interests, abilities, and knowledge.

As Hans Christian Andersen suggested, music can impact the youngest among us well before they are able to speak or understand our words. That’s why music is such a key element of ParentPal. Many of its activities draw from a library of more than 125 Classical masterworks and favorite children’s melodies.

And it’s not just any music…your child’s little ears benefit greatly from the expertise of William Weisbach, whose experience as a composer and producer of award-winning media productions and sound design for such companies as Disney and Hasbro gave him the perfect credentials for this work. (He also created, performed, and produced the music for the very popular Baby Einstein line of products.) Will’s goal in developing the music portion of ParentPal was to introduce babies to Classical music using arrangements and orchestrations designed for both infants and parents to enjoy together at home.

Remember this: If it sounds good to you, it’s good for your child to hear. Instilling an early love for music will enrich your little one’s life immeasurably. Before long, the songs will feel like old friends, welcome and familiar.