What are Modeled Moments?

Every parent wants the “Magic 8-Ball” of parenting—the mystical answer that magically appears in response to every parenting question! But what if the answers weren’t mystical or random? What if the answers were based on research and informed by developmental experts? What if the 8-ball didn’t just have answers, but also tools, activities, and more!?! ParentPal is all of this and continues to add even more successful tools for families.

ParentPal is pleased to introduce a new feature that will boost your confidence even more—the Modeled Moments video series.

What are Modeled Moments?

Modeled Moments are brief videos that show real families in real environments doing real activities that build babies’ cognitive and social-emotional development. We created Modeled Moments to take the guesswork, and hard work, out of trying to find ideas for creating educational and meaningful moments with your child. You will not see set designs or actors in these brief videos. These video experiences are built to look and feel like real families, in the moment. Each Modeled Moments video is just as real and unique as you and your child!

Why Modeled Moments?

Modeled Moments video tips are designed to fit into your everyday life and experiences with your child. You will never see hard-to-find toys or materials required. You will never see an activity that takes more than 1-2 minutes. Each of the Modeled Moments is designed to show how authentic parenting actually happens on the go—with moments of intentionality (moments that matter) in real spaces and places.

Discover Modeled Moments

Flying With Mom is a wonderful example of how movement can be used to bond with your baby. Sit comfortably on the floor and place your baby carefully on your shins. While keeping hold of your baby, lift and lower your legs to gently bounce your baby. Watch for his or her reaction! Pay attention to facial expressions and noises.

The Research

You also can trust that the Modeled Moments activities and tips are based on a compendium of well-established theories and studies around the power of family interactions. For example, research from the Center for the Study of Social Policy’s Strengthening Families and Protective Factors Framework, and the Search Institute’s Family Assets Framework and Developmental Assets Framework is interwoven throughout the videos. As a result, Modeled Moments videos encourage nurturing family relationships that enhance social-emotional strengths, build resilience, and support physical, cognitive, and language development.

When you take the time to replicate or build upon these Modeled Moments with your own baby, you can trust that the interactions you are having are backed by what research says is critical to your baby’s growth and development.

Modeled Moments videos have been viewed and enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of families, and we know they will inspire new moments that matter between you and your child. Discover our full collection of Modeled Moments for baby’s first year and beyond in the ParentPal app today.