Your Baby’s Development: Month 10

As a new parent, nothing is more satisfying than seeing your baby happy. Seeing them smile for the first time, crawl for the first time, and talk for the first time are momentous achievements to celebrate. But, there also are the smaller milestones, such as lifting their head and turning their face toward a familiar voice, that have a profound impact on your baby’s development.

Milestones are practical guideposts designed to help you identify and celebrate your child’s accomplishments. From birth to 5, ParentPal’s 180 research-based milestones provide you with thoroughly vetted information, giving you a wonderful way to anticipate, encourage, and celebrate your little one’s developments.

Here’s a quick breakdown of milestones to look for in month 10.

Self Help: Resists having a toy taken

Baby is finally able to grasp, hold and explore an object or toy, and then…you take it away. Resistance to your actions can lead to hurt and tears. The taking away is equal to “no,” a word baby is now able to learn and understand.

Gross Motor: Crawls

If your baby is able to sit comfortably without support, the back, arm, and leg muscles are likely strong enough to support crawling. At first, baby may try rocking back and forth, which will strengthen shoulders and hands. Soon, baby will figure out to push off with the knees. Poof, your baby is mobile!

Gross Motor: Pulls up to standing

Standing, supported on your lap is just a prelude to your baby pulling him- or herself up, unassisted. Expect your little one to begin pulling up on just about anything. The challenge for baby once on his or her feet is to figure out how to sit back down gracefully.

Things to Keep in Mind

Remember, it’s not a race and no two babies are alike. Your baby may exhibit some of these behaviors earlier or later than others. Some may simply be skipped. Milestones are meant to be helpful guideposts for parents to ensure their baby is on the right path developmentally.

If you are ever concerned about your child’s development, contact your pediatrician.

Learn more about your baby’s milestones and how you can help foster physical and cognitive development in the ParentPal app.


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