Your Baby’s Development: Month 12

As a new parent, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing your baby happy. Seeing them smile for the first time, crawl for the first time, and talk for the first time are momentous achievements to celebrate. But, there also are the smaller milestones, such as lifting their head and turning their face toward a familiar voice, that have a profound impact on your baby’s development.

Milestones are practical guideposts designed to help you identify and celebrate your child’s accomplishments. From birth to 5, ParentPal’s 180 research-based milestones provide you with thoroughly vetted information, giving you a wonderful way to anticipate, encourage, and celebrate your little one’s developments.

Here’s a quick breakdown of milestones to look for in month 12.

Social-Emotional: Waves “bye-bye”

You’re holding your little one while waving goodbye to a visitor, turn to your baby and say, “Wave ‘bye-bye.’” Baby may not comprehend what you’re saying, but may imitate your actions. This imitation occurs because baby learns early on that you respond positively when he or she imitates you.

Gross Motor: Stands alone, briefly

Your little one has an irresistible urge to stand upright. At some point while cruising along the furniture, he or she will let go. In that first step toward gaining physical independence, baby will learn that he or she can stand upright unassisted for at least a few seconds. As baby’s control over the body increases, he or she will be able to stand alone for longer periods of time.

Fine Motor: Puts items in a cup

Your little one’s hand and finger muscles are stronger, enabling him or her to manipulate small objects easily. Baby enjoys playing with several items at a time, putting them into a cup, taking them out, and putting them back in, over and over again.

Language Comprehension: Understands “no no”

Your little one’s receptive language—words he or she understands—typically precedes language production by several months. “No no” and “all gone” are among the first words/phrases that babies learn. Try not to create a “no” environment, and instead save “no” for a time when baby’s life truly is in danger. Instead, distract baby away from those things you’d prefer he or she not have.

Things to Keep in Mind

Remember, it’s not a race and no two babies are alike. Your baby may exhibit some of these behaviors earlier or later than others. Some may simply be skipped. Milestones are meant to be helpful guideposts for parents to ensure their baby is on the right path developmentally.

If you are ever concerned about your child’s development, contact your pediatrician.

Learn more about your baby’s milestones and how you can help foster physical and cognitive development in the ParentPal app.