Your Newborn’s Development: Month 2

As a new parent, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing your baby happy. Seeing them smile for the first time, crawl for the first time, and talk for the first time are momentous achievements to celebrate. But there are also the smaller milestones, such as lifting their head and turning their face toward a familiar voice, that have a profound impact on your baby’s development.

Milestones are practical guideposts designed to help you identify and celebrate your child’s accomplishments. From birth to 5, ParentPal’s 180 research-based milestones provide you with thoroughly vetted information, giving you a wonderful way to anticipate, encourage, and celebrate your little one’s developments.

Here’s a quick breakdown of milestones to look for in your 2-month old.

Social-Emotional: Social Smiles
It’s possible that your baby has smiled by now, but it’s likely that was a result of a random reflex. A “real” smile can occur at any time now. That’s because with improved vision, your baby has been studying your smiley face, and practicing making mouth movements.

Gross Motor: Lifts head and chest
Your baby’s neck muscles have been strengthening, and he or she may be able to lift his or her head briefly. Continue to provide head and neck support for your baby as these muscles continue to develop.

Fine Motor: Tracks moving objects
Your baby’s eye muscles are strengthening, which means his or her vision is improving. Baby may now be able to follow moving objects around the room with his or her eyes.

Expressive Language: Special cry when hungry
Listen carefully, and you’ll be able to discern your baby’s distinctive cries based on being wet, tired, or hungry. The sound of the “hungry” cry originates from baby’s mouth and tongue movements made when sucking.

Things to Keep in Mind
Remember, it’s not a race and no two babies are alike. Your baby may exhibit some of these behaviors earlier or later than others. Some may simply be skipped. Milestones are meant to be helpful guideposts for parents to ensure their baby is on the right path developmentally.

If you are ever concerned about your child’s development, contact your pediatrician.

Learn more about your baby’s milestones and how you can help foster physical and cognitive development in the ParentPal app.


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