80% of the
human brain
is formed
by age 3.

It’s a dangerous time
to learn on the job.

Parenting is hard enough without feeling like you need to become a child development expert—or an organizational wizard mastering a hodgepodge of methods and apps to track feeding, growth, first-did-it moments, and health data.

Don’t worry–we’ve got the science covered. As the leaders in early childhood and pre-school curriculum for childcare centers, pre-K programs, and school districts across the country, we’ve done that work for you. We combined our own widely accepted expertise with the founders of Baby Einstein, the brand that launched the baby media industry. We also consulted pediatricians and analyzed the guidelines of more than 20 national learning and early childhood organizations.

The result is a research-based, super-engaging, easy-to-use parenting coach.

Less stress +
better engagement =
thriving children +
happy parents
ParentPal replaces the frantic online searches and worry about what’s “normal”…
with confident engagement and research-based guidance each day.

Unite the
Caregiving Team

Invite your spouse, partner, grandparents, teachers, aunts, and other caregivers into the same account.

Ensures consistency of the plan, activities and data capture between handoffs throughout the week

Today’s Plan

Provides age-appropriate daily activities, routines, and reminders to guide your way.

Thousands of
activities drive
a joyful journey

Research-based, age-specific activities fuel rich engagement and cognitive, physical, social-emotional development

Be your child’s
first teacher

WeeSchool is an optional, fully structured, research-based curriculum designed for in-home use. In-app links to Amazon for any resources you may not own.

the guesswork

Know exactly which research-based milestones to look for each month…then track, celebrate, and share those amazing, first-did-it moments!

track of it all

Track growth, toileting, eating, sleeping, illnesses, and vaccines while noting things you want to discuss with your pediatrician.

The Diary records
what happens
each day

Each event or activity is logged in the diary with the image of the team member who made the entry.

Vast library
of rich resources

More than 3,200 activities, including award-winning music, interactive word cards, e-books, and videos, searchable by topic and age appropriateness.

Magic moments

Create Memory Books with keepsake photo and video albums showing your child’s changing face, physical growth and “Milestone Moments.”

Trend charts
guide the journey

Share them with friends, teachers, pediatricians.

Get help, give help.

For every annual subscription purchased,
we will give one free subscription to a family in need.

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