Less stress +
better engagement =
thriving children +
happy parents

Decades of academic research have provided profound insights into the nature of early childhood development and learning. We’re turning those insights into practical, everyday approaches you can use to guide your child(ren)’s, social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development from birth to kindergarten, while enjoying better engagement with your child throughout the journey.

Leading early
childhood educators

We already knew a lot. Teaching Strategies is the #1 provider of early childhood curriculum and developmental assessment in the country across private, public and Head Start Programs. We have been leaders in the early education community for nearly 30 years.


The creators
of Baby Einstein

But we didn’t stop there. We partnered with the founders of Baby Einstein to leverage their direct knowledge of what is successful in the home environment. Baby Einstein was the leading baby media program in the country, introducing millions of babies to Mozart, Van Gogh and Shakespeare in much-loved music, books and videos…while delighting their parents.

Milestones used
by pediatricians

We also incorporated the Ireton Child Development Review (CDR) used by pediatricians, a set of month-by-month, research-based milestones for birth to age 5

And we were just getting started…

We also incorporated the guidelines of more than 20 national learning and early childhood organizations such as:

We then enlisted the help of pediatricians, early childhood specialists, early language development experts and, of course, moms and dads. Finally, we aligned it all with our own Objectives for Development and Learning, which is the developmental framework commonly used by pre-school and Head Start programs across the country.

The Result

Finally, we created a just-right developmental milestones roadmap from birth to age 5, daily plans, fun and engaging learning activities, and best-in-class music, videos, and books to share with babies and toddlers. Plus, all the tracking tools you need to chart your progress along the way.

ParentPal will help you make sure your kiddo will be ready for preschool, Head Start or kindergarten.