Learning to play, playing to learn

ParentPal’s playful yet structured WeeSchool activities are designed for families wanting to take a more active role in preparing their child for preschool and beyond.

The WeeSchool approach exposes little ones to 100 concepts across language arts, math, science, art, and more through activities that use an expertly curated collection of popular children’s books and toys. For each concept, ParentPal provides a list of resources, purchase links, and detailed activities and ideas to help your child learn while playing.

Designed for both families and childcare providers, WeeSchool activities are carefully mapped out to be completed in a particular order and at specific ages so that they build on each other over time.

Visit our Learning Essentials shopping guide to see the toys and books used in WeeSchool to help prepare your child for preschool, kindergarten, and beyond.

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