It’s not a race.

Any discussion of developmental milestones begins with recognizing that no two children are alike, and that milestones are helpful guideposts, not race markers. Staged milestones like those we feature provide general time periods during which you can expect to see a particular skill emerge.

These predictable stages of growth among children also serve to demonstrate that a child’s developmental age may differ from his or her chronological age. They create an overall picture of your child’s development that allows you and your pediatrician to identify areas where additional guidance might be a good idea going forward.

What next??!?!

If you’re like many parents, you’ve probably already googled “baby milestones” in hopes of learning what to watch for as your little one matures. You may even have slogged through some of the million+ pages your Internet search returned, trying to figure out what information was relevant (or not) while wondering if, above all, it was accurate…and then felt guilty for not being a “good enough” parent to pore over everything you found online.

We’ve done
the work for you

ParentPal Milestones provide you with thoroughly vetted and research-based information on the key developmental milestones that start at birth and continue to age 5. ParentPal Milestones presents 180 research-based, social, language, reasoning, and physical milestones that children typically reach at some point on their journeys from birth to age 5. The app provides tracking tools to give you a simple, systematic way to track progress and report in-depth developmental information about your child to your pediatrician and/or teacher. Best of all, we have a beautiful way to capture, save and share those important first-did-it moments forever with ParentPal’s Memory Book feature.

App Features
  • Track 117 research-based milestones month by month
  • Expert descriptions and “Things You Can Do” for each milestone
  • Curated shopping tips and one-tap links to Amazon for each milestone
  • Capture monthly “See Me Grow” photos and “Milestone Moments” videos in a memory book
  • Share photos and videos by text, email or social media
  • Share your Milestones Log with your pediatrician by email


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There is just something special about knowing the app gives you the tools to be the mother you want to be – engaged and armed with the knowledge to help your child grow as they approach preschool – as well as both enjoy and chronicle the moments you will always want to remember.

Danielle Smith,
Extraordinary Mommy