See. Hear. Learn.

Ever wonder how a baby learns that chihuahuas and Great Danes are both dogs? Babies learn words by seeing multiple visual examples of an object and hearing it labeled by a parent, caregiver or peer.

Traditional flash cards and picture books have two weaknesses: They usually show only one visual example of an object or action; and, they can’t provide motion or sound for additional context. Our interactive word experiences changes all that!

We’ve selected more than 500 words from the research-based Communicative Development Inventory (CDI) word list, and organized them into 14 decks of e-Cards. Each word is explored in multiple images, sounds, and English and Spanish text. Short video clips also are used with many words.

App features
  • Each word appears in text and is spoken in English and Spanish
  • Word group decks are downloaded to your app for quick access
  • Decks can be viewed on your mobile device or streamed using Screen Mirroring
  • All words feature multiple still images and many feature video clips
  • Words can be accessed by age appropriateness based on CDI data