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With ParentPal, you can replace online searches and worry about what’s “normal” with confidence, knowing you have everything you need to help your child thrive.

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80% of the human brain is developed by age 3.

ParentPal was developed by Teaching Strategies, a leader in early childhood development from birth to pre-school, and the founders of Baby Einstein. Don’t worry—ParentPal has the science covered.

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ParentPal has everything you need.

ParentPal has everything you need.

What are parents saying about ParentPal?

“ParentPal might not change diapers or get up with baby at 2 a.m., but the easy-to-use app certainly can take a lot of stress and uncertainty out of those first few years of parenting. This app gives you all the tools you need in one place to raise a happy and healthy baby.”

Kara Murphy

Parenting made easy!

“This app made it easy and relaxing to be able to raise my boy! Not words you are used to hearing but it really help me answer those tough questions and track everything


“ParentPal gives you manageable daily activities so you have something to do without feeling like you’re adding to a to-do list.”

Amy Morrison

So much content!

“Lots to learn in this app! I’ve figured out Milestones which are amazing and helpful. My baby LOVES the videos and music. We are grateful for the playtime ideas.”


“No need for multiple apps to keep track of your baby’s milestones and day-to-day activities. This app does it all!”

Laura Rieckhoff

“This is a wonderful application for
new parents.”

“It’s a flexible tool that also helps ease first-time parents’ daily stress and anxiety while offering support in a variety
of areas.”

Mitchell A. Chaitin

“This is a transformative tool for new parents.
It is, truly, like having a family educator right at your disposal to help guide you to help your child succeed.”

Amy Allen Clark

“When I recently learned about the App, my immediate reaction was OMG, this is exactly what sleep-deprived, data-nerd parents need!”

Christine Koh

“This app is everything and anything a parent could hope and wish for when it comes to raising their child.”

Audrey McClelland

“There is just something special about knowing the app gives you the tools to be the mother you want to be – engaged and armed with the knowledge to help your child grow.”

Danielle Smith

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