Three Ways to Encourage Gross-Motor Development in Months 4–6
Your little one’s strength and cognitive development have made impressive gains over the first three months. Now, gross-motor milestones are getting more complex, preparing your little one for crawling and getting into a sitting position independently.
Social-Emotional Milestones to Watch For: Months 4-6
A child’s social-emotional development creates the context in which they develop and exercise all of their other abilities. Discover four critical social-emotional milestones for you to watch for during months four to six.
Children and Screen Time: Embracing technology without guilt
How much time is appropriate for your young child to spend looking at screens? Is it developmentally appropriate for your child to even be looking at screens at all? Get the latest information from The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and others.
Toxic Stress and How to Avoid it
What causes toxic stress and can it be overcome? Understand the connections between a caregivers’ stress response and a child’s cognitive development.
Experiencing Diversity: Food, Language, and Music
Expose your child to diverse cultures in fun, memorable ways with these simple parenting approaches.
Purposeful Reading Strategies for Infants, Toddlers & 2s
Use ParentPal’s Purposeful Reading Strategies to begin developing your child’s language and pre-reading skills from birth.
14 Diverse Books Your Child Will Love
By introducing children to new experiences and perspectives, children learn that their view isn’t the only view on things.
Why Diverse Books Matter: Building Awareness Through Books
Reading diverse books opens doorways through which your child can learn, can grow, and ultimately can take thoughtful action in the real world.
8 Ways to Foster Resilience in Your Child
The ability to overcome negative emotions is called resilience. How can you build this emotional skill in your child? Read our 8 tips for fostering resilience.
Why Schedules and Routines Matter
Why are routines so important? Your child learns through experiences during play and routines. Even mundane routines can be turned into a rich learning experience.
The Importance of Music in Child Development
Immersing your little one in a daily “bath” of music is one of the greatest gifts you can give them. The many benefits of early exposure to music have been well documented.
5 Ways to Help Reduce Stress and Enjoy the Holidays
Too often, we set unrealistic expectations for the holidays. Accept that they won’t be perfect and instead focus on what’s important—family, togetherness, and love.