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15-Minute Meditation to Relieve Anxiety

Got 15-minutes? Try this quick body scan meditation to easily reduce stress and anxiety anytime.

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Why Routines Matter: 8 Healthy Eating Habits for Kids
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The Importance of Daily Routines for Kids
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Simple Ways to Promote Mindfulness and Self-Regulation in Your Child
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The Importance of Routines: 5 Activities for Building an Effective Bedtime Routine
A consistent bedtime routine promotes healthy sleep and a broad sense of wellbeing, helping your child to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, with fewer awakenings during the night.
Ask a Pediatrician: What to know about children and the Covid-19 Vaccine
The FDA now recommends all children ages 5+ receive a Covid vaccine. We spoke with pediatrician, Dr. Prachi Sighn, to answer your questions about vaccination.
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5 Ways Support Your Child’s Development in the New Year
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Seasonal Affective Disorder and Self-Care: How to Overcome the Cold Weather Blues
Self-care is crucial to a positive family environment, yet it can be far more difficult to maintain during the cold months. Read our tips for overcoming the cold weather blues.
Ask a Pediatrician: Covid-safe ways to celebrate the holidays
Holiday gatherings with family and friends are fun but can increase the chances of getting or spreading Covid-19 or the flu. Follow these tips to keep your family healthy.