ParentPal Learning Essentials: Best Toys for Months 0 to 6
Encourage your infant’s cognitive and physical development with our curated list of toys and books for ages 0-6 months.
Three Ways to Encourage Gross-Motor Skills During the First 3 Months
Major gross-motor milestones include walking, running, climbing, jumping, balance, and coordination. Discover simple ways to encourage gross-motor development during playtime and daily routines.
ParentPal Learning Essentials: Best Toys & Books for Months 18 to 24
Introduce your 18-to-24 concepts of empathy, fairness, and sharing with ParentPal’s Learning Essentials, our curated list of the best toys and books to support your child’s development.
What is Parents as Teachers?
For every annual subscription purchased, ParentPal donates a free subscription to a family in need by collaborating with highly reputable nonprofits. This month we’ve partnered with Parents as Teachers to help children everywhere thrive.
Five Ways to Turn Daily Routines into Moments that Matter
Easily turn what could be humdrum routines into moments that matter, while building cognitive, language, fine motor, and other skills.
ParentPal Learning Essentials: Best Toys & Books for Months 7 to 12
Your infant is exploring and learning about the world around them. Encourage your child's exploration with our curated list of toys and books to support your infant's development.
6 Ways to Encourage Fine-Motor Development During the First 6 Months
As a parent or caregiver, there are simple ways you can help your child strengthen small eye and hand muscles and improve dexterity. Check out six everyday things you can do to improve your infant’s fine-motor skills.
Together, We’re Helping Families Thrive
ParentPal and Parents as Teachers have partnered to help families thrive. For every ParentPal annual subscription purchased on our website, ParentPal donates one subscription to a local or national non-profit.
ParentPal Learning Essentials: Best Toys & Books for Months 12 to 18
Perfect for little hands and growing brains, our curated list of Learning Essentials will keep your toddler engaged and entertained while developing key skills.
What are Modeled Moments?
ParentPal’s new Modeled Moment videos offer real-life, easy-to-do suggestions for turning everyday interactions into powerful learning Moments that Matter.
ParentPal Learning Essentials: Best Toys & Books for Months 24 to 35
From shape sorting to healthy eating, keep up with your 2-year-old's developmental skills and interests. With ParentPal's curated list of essential toys and books, parents can buy confidently, encourage learning and development, and avoid toy overload.
From Birth to 5, a Guide to Your Child’s Milestones and Development
The ParentPal guide to your baby’s development. Learn which milestones to look for, from newborn to age 5.